The class will be held on the island of Kefalonia, Greece.  Working on site, TRIANGULAR will develop a series of workshops together with the participants in order to enhance spatial awareness (consciousness of the limits of our body in space, of aural space, of the variation of light, the impact of emotional and mental state, the duration of time) through various methodological models (actions/situations, spontaneous drawings, field recordings, ethnographic camera exploration). Applicants working in the fields of visual arts, design, photography, architecture, performance, theater, psychology, etc are invited to experiment space through the main fields of interest of TRIANGULAR : psychological/mental space, optical/perceptual space and aural spaces/listening and subjectivity. The learning process will include presentations by the artists of the conceptual frame as well as technical (practical) workshops in order to provide the participants with tools to explore their own practice . Participants will be encouraged to develop their own project out of these experiments : perhaps collecting and developing one specific experiment on site. At the end of the master-class, the participants will be invited to present a gesture, a photography, a sound recording, a small installation, a video, a performance ect. in a collective set up responding to TRIANGULAR’s original exhibition. The artistic experiments will then resonate and further the inquiries about spatial awareness.